Updates 2022

My media critique essay, "Where Will You Place Us When We Are Dead?" has been nominated for an Ignyte Award for Best Creative Nonfiction!...

Who am I

Freelance Writer

Speculative fiction and nonfiction author

Assistant editor for Uncanny Magazine

Writer for Echo Park, a Realm podcast series

Contract writer for Green Ronin

Copy editor for Angry Hamster Publishing

Copy editor for Magpie Games

Copy editor for Nahual rpg

Contract Writer for Fantasy Flight

Copy editor for John Wick Presents' 7th Sea, Second Edition rpg

Writer for Cortex Prime

Writer for Fate of the Remnants

Writer for TableStar Games

Contract Writer for Wyrd Miniatures

Contract Writer for Watchtower Games' Fallen

Contract Writer for Rumpus' iPhone game Mo'Monsters

Contract Writer for Blue Shell Games' iPhone game "TinyTown"

Game Writer for EA Mobile/Centerscore Studios' mobile phone game titles

Head Writer for Hazmat Games' mobile phone titles

Miscellaneous work

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