And Old Face and a New Season

December 30, 2015

A second season of Doctor Who with a new actor in the title role.

Before The Flood

Note: Experimenting with noise reduction. Had some radio interference!

Under The Lake

Note: Slowly catching up!

The Witch's Familiar

Note: Forgot to put up a link to this one...

The Magician's Apprentice

Note: Sorry for being so late with the podcasts. Trying to catch up!

Last Christmas

Note: Trying out a new microphone.

Death in Heaven

Note: Extra long recording (over 1 hour). There was too much to talk about!

Dark Water

Note: I said this episode was called "Deep Water" but the actual title is "Dark Water." I am such a fake geek guy.

In the Forest of the Night

Note: We are about a week behind the show and with the podcast. Sorry! Also, I don't know why I keep using the word "positivism" when I really mean "optimism."


Note: Both me and my Companion were a little under the weather and thus a little punchy.

Mummy on the Orient Express

Note: My hopes that they will take Clara's character a different direction have been dashed.

Kill the Moon

Note: I repeat: the science used in the show is moronic.

The Caretaker

Note: We refuse to discuss the gymnastics flip. Our brains rejected it completely.

Time Heist

Note: Podcast is split in half. First half is our usual discussion. Second half (at 17:25) is us BS-ing about how we would have fixed the episode.


Note: Sorry for the low volume. Still learning how to record and edit.

Robot of Sherwood

Note: I apologize for being a cranky writing snob in this one.

Into the Dalek

Note: I was exhausted while recording. Can you count the number of times I forgot how words worked?

Deep Breath

Note: I apologize for a few editing mistakes. I'm still learning how to record and edit!