Awards Eligibility 2021

Short Fiction

  • "Unnamed" in Cast of Wonders 451 (4140 words)
  • In this horror-ish YA short, names make us and can unmake us. For some of us who have two names, they unmake us in different ways.

    Reviews/recs: Charles Payseur's Quick Sips, Tor's Must Reads

  • "See With Your Eyes, Not With Your Hands" in Nightmare 105 (932 words)
  • A horror flash: "When I was a boy, my left hand grew a cluster of tiny eyes..."

    Reviews/recs: Vanessa Fogg's it's a jumble

  • "A Glut of Nothing, and Yet... Something" in Cossmass Infinities, issue 5 (3709 words)
  • Information overload can cause us to shut down, and opening up means letting certain info (love, loneliness, purposeness) back in.

  • "The Absentee Library" in the Buckman Journal 005 (5000 words)
  • Imagine a city dedicated to the art, craft, and reading of books. Now imagine turning into a book. Now imagine a desperate non-reader navigating such a city searching for her sister.